Surrounded by the best of Norwegian landscape, Hallingdal-based Fjellmøbler produces handcrafted, high-quality furniture with nature as inspiration. The small company seamlessly blends the rich heritage of Norwegian design with the modern customer’s needs, creating pieces that are contemporary, yet timeless.

Spending weekends and holidays at a hytta, or cabin, is a long-standing Norwegian tradition that has allowed people plenty of restitution in picturesque areas such as Geilo and Hemsedal. Hallingdal, in which both of these are situated, is not only home to tens of thousands of these cabins, but also Fjellmøbler, a furniture producer who has perfected the craft of furnishing these second homes.

“We specialise in unique and customised furnishing,” says Per Egil Vårdal, founder of Fjellmøbler. “In addition to the Hallingdal area, we deliver furniture to cabins, hotels and restaurants all over the country, but also internationally, and offer a range of customisable high-quality furniture series.”

After some time in Canada where he learned about furniture customisation, Vårdal established the company on his own in 2014. The business quickly grew, and today a team of six people are working closely with the customers from start to finish to create exclusive furniture for each individual space. “All of us at Fjellmøbler are passionate about our work, and I think that shines through in the products we make,” he says.

Bringing the outdoors inside

In addition to customisation, Fjellmøbler prioritises high-quality designs that are not only functional but also beautiful. Taking inspiration from nature, Vårdal explains that they use locally sourced natural materials – often wood – as well as natural colours and textures, in order to bring the great outdoors inside. “There’s also an incomparable quality to many of these natural materials. If you look at our Tyra series, which is made mostly from solid oak, you’ll see that the wood not only gives a robust and long-lasting structure, but also a beautiful texture. Even after staining or painting the oak, the natural structure shines through, giving that timeless, elegant look.”

As the company continues to grow, Vårdal ensures that it remains steady in its own commitment to quality and the needs of its customers. “Our goal has never been to become a mass producer. We want each project to be unique,” he adds. “Our main priority will always be to deliver timeless, personalised products that we are proud of.”

Artikkelen er skrevet av Celina Tran fra Scan Magazine, 08.07.24